Dental Erosion

Did you know that consuming some everyday foods and drinks can lead to a condition where your tooth enamel can be more easily worn away, resulting in some undesirable effects on your teeth? 

Many of the foods and drinks that we associate with a modern diet, including wine, some fruits, orange juice and salad dressing contain acids that can temporarily soften tooth enamel making it vulnerable to acid wear.

Suggestions for preventing dental erosion:
1.Be aware of the acidity of the foods and beverages you consume.
2.Never brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking anything acidic. Wait for half an hour before you brush your teeth.
3.Try always to rinse with water after having anything acidic.
4.Never have anything acidic last thing before going to bed without rinsing your mouth thoroughly with water because your swallowing frequency and saliva production decreases dramatically during your sleep.
5.Don’t allow a toddler to drift to sleep with a bottle containing fruit juice. Water is best.
6.Don’t sip acidic drinks. Belting down a “Solo” is less damaging to your teeth.
7.Remember that fruit juices are generally more erosive than the whole fruit, and dried fruits can be very acidic.
8.When undertaking physical exertion (sport, gym, etc.) , always rinse your mouth with water after drinking a sport drink or soft drink, especially when your mouth has become really dry.
9.Never put a mouth guard into an unrinsed mouth.
10.Avoid chewable vitamin C tablets.